Whats iStandard?

iStandardProducers.com is a revolutionary website launched by iStandard, Inc. in March of 2007, that is specifically geared towards assisting the Hip-Hop/R&B Producer in connecting with Executives and A&R’s at major and independent record labels, as well as creating endless networking opportunities that only the World Wide Web can provide. It is also the home of a calendar of all iStandard events, a spotlight for the winners of the iStandard Producer Showcases, and an information tool for its members and viewers. Since the inception of the iStandard Producer Showcase, so many inquiries have been received from producers all over the world, and some are not always able to attend or participate in our live events. This site caters to their needs of making those connections and truly makes iStandard a worldwide entity. 

Each member of iStandardProducers.com has their own personal production page, where they can label each track to what artist they feel it would be appropriate for. The site features a unique search mechanism, where record labels, managers, attorneys, artists, and publishers can search for tracks by simply entering an artist’s name or the style of production they are looking for! Recently implemented was a monthly Opportunity Page, where members can submit their music directly from their hard drive to A&R’s of various projects from labels like G-Unit, Atlantic, Violator, Def Jam, Warner Music Group, Interscope. and more. Plus, viable figures in the production world such as Zach Katz, Pete Rock, 9th Wonder, Sha Money XL, Ken Lewis, Hi-Tek, Amadeus, Bob Celestin, & Ariel Borujow have been interviewed and offer advice and knowledge to the site’s viewers. Shady Records Senior Director of A&R Riggs Morales even went as far as calling iStandardProducers.com “The Future of Production Shopping”.